Why We Use Standard Process Supplements

Nov 18, 2018

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Just mentioning the word "supplements" to some people can cause a pretty strong reaction - we've all heard about supplement companies that make claims of weight loss, better skin, or detoxification, and often using a pyramid scheme to bring in members and create wealth for those at the top. We've read the articles from doctors and health professionals, stating that we don't need supplements, that they don't work, you pee them out anyways, and that you can get all your necessary micronutrients from foods.

I agree with all of that, but I still think you need supplements. Let me explain.

The supplements that most of us are familiar with are either part of an MLM, we can't really feel if they are working or not, and just seem to make our pee an expensive shade of yellow. Many of the products that are available to the general public on the shelves at vitamin shops and grocery stores are mass produced using the most cost effective supplies, some of them being synthetic and lab produced, often too many enzymatic steps away from even being usable, or bulked up with fillers.

The #1, best way, hands down for your body to get the nutrition it needs is from whole foods. Period. There is no doubt that a diet high in nutrient dense plant based foods results in a high micronutrient, mineral and phytonutrient intake, and in a form that is highly bioavailable. The problem comes in when we realize how narrow the spectrum of our diet really is, and how many elements we are still missing. Our foods are not nearly as mineral and nutrient dense as they once were due to advances in agriculture techniques and soil depletion, and there are foods that are just plain unappetizing and not a part of our palate that have great benefits.

Take a look at the ingredients in this bottle of Cardio-Plus from Standard Process, for instance. When was the last time any of these ingredients were a part of your dinner? One of the major deficiencies in our modern Western diets is animal parts beyond muscle meat, and Standard Process has filled that gap in the form of Protomorphogen extract (PMG). You can read more about PMGs here. PMGs are completely unique to Standard Process and is hypothesized to maintain proper cellular processes, division and metabolism of the target tissue. Standard Process products are a highly concentrated form of WHOLE FOODS, full of ingredients that you are simply not able to get from a store, don't want to eat, or unable to get enough of in its non-supplemental form to get the therapeutic effect. Standard Process is primarily made with FOOD, and that is one of the main reasons that I use them the most.

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The Standard Process farm is located in Palmyra, WI, where they grow, harvest, and process many of the ingredients used in their products. Any ingredients that they source from outside of the farm are monitored heavily for humane treatment of the animals, healthy and sustainable farming practices, and processed in a factory that is beyond the standards required for any other foods you eat as well as pharmaceuticals.

There are several supplement companies that health care professionals that practice clinical nutrition use. Many of these companies, including Standard Process, require that the practitioner hold a professional degree such as being an MD, chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, etc. in order to be able to supply their patients with their products. This is one of the strongest indications of a supplement company's legitimacy. Standard Process believes that their products are meant to be used in the most purposeful and clinical way, under the evaluation and care of a professional, and the quality and effectiveness of their product is the highest priority.

My choice for providing Standard Process to my patients is the same - I talk about my experience being introduced to Standard Process in this post. I attended four years of Chiropractic school, went to countless nutrition seminars on the weekends, studied the supplements and practiced muscle testing and protocols, in order to be qualified to provide you with the same healing that changed my health and my life. It's not a pyramid scheme, it's not a scam, it's not a get rick quick scheme - it's products that are designed to support your body in a very specific way - healing organs, glands or tissues that need nutrition and are crying out in the form of symptoms.

Yes, a whole foods diet is all you need - but the fact is that some of that will need to come in supplement form, especially if we are attempting to pay off nutritional debts with concentrated forms of stuff you probably don't want to eat. When we are able to supplement with products that are high quality, designed for very specific processes of healing, chosen and dosed exactly for your needs, you will feel the difference, and that is what Standard Process supplements are all about.