Our Mission Statement

Sep 10, 2018

Dr. Vicky McCoy

OUR MISSION at Vivo Chiropractic is for you to be educated and empowered so you can experience a life of health from within.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is that your symptoms, conditions, pain and discomfort can be resolved and prevented with clinical nutrition, diet, chiropractic and lifestyle.

OUR APPROACH is comprehensive and complimentary to any existing health care program.

OUR METHODS include chiropractic adjustments, fascia and soft tissue release, joint mobility and developing stability. We use the contractile response of your muscles through Applied Kinesiology to detect stressors and challenges to your structure, muscles, organs and glands. High quality, whole food supplementation may be recommended to fill nutritional gaps.

OUR PATIENTS are committed to their health, and ready and willing to do what it takes to live a life of health from within.